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I qualified as a veterinary nurse in 1998 and have been a registered VN ever since. I have worked many years in specialist referral hospitals taking care of patients with neurological conditions caused by IVVD, FCE, infections and immune mediated pathologies. I have cared for patients following spinal surgeries, specialised orthopaedic procedures and soft tissue surgeries. 

I took an interest in hydrotherapy after my own Labrador developed complications  following spinal surgery, he later like so many dogs developed osteoarthritis, he responded so well to hydrotherapy and he loved every second of it, it truly improved his quality of life and lengthened the time I had with him.

I had previously graduated in human chiropractic and sports massage. Although it was not the path for me it did evoke a keen interest in rehabilitative therapies and the importance of multimodal treatments. I still loved working with animals so trained and qualified in small animal hydrotherapy, I hold a level 4 qualification which includes Applied Aquatic Treadmill Techniques, Gait analysis and Behaviour in the hydrotherapy setting. Ive a keen interest in canine conditioning believing it is the key to keeping dogs fit, strong and reducing injury risk. I am also working towards my rehabilitative exercise diploma. 

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