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Image by Jamie Crawford
Hydrotherapy is water based exercise in a controlled environment. 
We use a water treadmill or swimming pool depending on your dogs breed, the condition being treated & the desired outcome, any underlying health issues and their overall condition.
How water helps...
  • Strengthening of limb muscles and core conditioning through resistance
  • Increases confidence as they move easier and more comfortably
  • Reduction of swelling (oedema) from the movement of water around the limbs
  • Endorphin release for happy feelings and pain alleviation
  • Increased range of motion as they move more comfortably and muscle tension reduces
  • Buoyancy reduces pressure and concussion, supporting the dogs bodyweight
  • Improves muscle patterning, muscle recruitment, co-ordination and proprioception
  • Decreases pain, pain perception and inflammation
  • Slows progression of some symptoms associated with degenerative conditions
  • Relaxation of muscle tension
  • Improves quality of life
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