We will work with your veterinary practise to complete your insurance forms for the conditions we are treating together. There is no charge for this, however your veterinarian/insurance company must be satisfied with us signing the form. We are registered with IRVAP which is recognised by all major pet insurance companies and authorises us to submit the claim on your behalf. 
We are unable to perform direct claims on your behalf, if you pay for a number of future appointments you will not be able to claim for these until they have been delivered. 
We do promise to complete all claim forms in a timely manner
£60  New Patient initial appointment; 
         This includes initial assessment, discussions regarding your dog's pain, behaviour and 
         recommendations for home care, limb measurements and reports to your veterinarian.
         It also includes the first hydrotherapy session. It will last approximately 1 hour
£35  Subsequent hydrotherapy sessions; This includes ongoing reports with your veterinarian,              limb measurements and ongoing assessments with regard to their progress. It will last                    approximately 30 minutes
£30   All fun swims for a single dog (approximately 30 minutes)

£15   Puppies aged from 3 months to 6 months and fully vaccinated for fun/confidence building,          swims are for 20 minutes

£40   All fun swims for 2 dogs together. They must be swum separately to ensure they are        
          confident and safe initially, this time frame is at the discretion of the therapist. 
          On occasion it may be not be appropriate to swim together at all.

'Loyalty' discounts also apply for long term patients