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Image by Nathaniel Bowman
Puppies can be full of energy and naturally curious.
Pool swimming with a hydrotherapist can be a fantastic way to introduce them to water in a safe, controlled and fun way. 
Its a great way for them to exercise, especially the giant breeds which are prone to 'growing pains'; conditions such as osteochondritis dissecans or panosteitis. Hydrotherapy gives them the opportunity to exercise without the impact of the ground harming their joints.
Image by Mark Fairhurst
Some conditions are diagnosed at an early age, surgery may or may not be advised at this time. Some puppies also have the misfortune of suffering injury which may leave them with muscle weakness. They, like older dogs can respond well to hydrotherapy to encourage healing, improve range of motion, strengthen muscles, improve joint health. It can also aid to improve their stamina ready for walking and playing again and reduce the boredom of being rested.  As long as your puppies vaccinations have been given they are appropriate to undergo hydrotherapy. 
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