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What to expect...
You will recieve a full handout with pre treatment advice, however the most important things to know in advance are;
  •  Ensure your pet is starved for 2 hours prior to swimming and 1 hour prior to treadmill appointments
  • Please do not administer any topical flea preparations for 48hrs prior to your appointment. If your dog has fleas you will need to reschedule their appointment until eliminated
  • If your dog has an open wound, is in season or has an acute injury their appointment will need to be rescheduled
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On arrival
  • There is a large car park to the front & side of the building, these spaces are unallocated and we will just need to register your details to the Parking app. 
  • When you arrive please leave your dog in your car and let us know you are here. We may still have a dog on site from the previous appointment and if their or your dog is nervous or reactive we can try to avoid any stressful moments for them
  • On entering the building please ensure your dog is on a lead and that you keep hold of them at all times
  • At the beginning of your appointment we will complete the consultation form and perform an initial assessment and health check, we will then proceed to the initial hydrotherapy treatment; either the pool or water treadmill
  • The initial consultation & treatment will be scheduled for 60 minutes, subsequent treatments will be scheduled for 30 minutes
  • The initial assessment will include measurements of your dogs limbs, gait assessment and general health check
  • Prior to your dogs swim they may be showered in warm water, not only does this remove any dirt and loose hair it also acclimatises the dogs to being wet
  • There are ramps leading to the treadmill, pool and shower unit for ease and safety. A qualified hydrotherapist will be with your dog at all times, for safety your dog should never be left unsupervised or enter the water without a member of staff
      The hydrotherapist gives your dog confidence and helps them to relax. We      
      can assess their range of motion, provide physical support, monitor their progress             and               ensure their sessions are structured and beneficial
  • Your dogs initial swim may be very short, it is important to remember your dog may have a huge loss of condition and it is important we introduce and increase swimming time slowly and monitor their response. Swim times will increase regularly based on response. It is important to remember that swimming requires so much more effort than walking, and they can in fact walk quite far on the treadmill in a short amount of time
  • On leaving the pool/treadmill your dog may be showered again to remove the sanitiser, they may be shampooed and will be towel dried +/- air dryer
  • If it is cold we recommend you bring a warm coat/jumper for your dog to keep their muscles from getting cold afterward
  • In hot weather cool coats/mats are advised for the car
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